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Happy Earth Day!

With new life constantly budding, Earth Day is the perfect time for us to talk about natural puff pieces! Earth Day is just as much a celebration as it is a call-to-action - a day to remind us that we should take better caution and care of the green goodness that is Earth. Almost everything you do has an eco-friendly alternative, one that won’t strip the Earth of its non-renewable sources. Gather ‘round my fellow Earthlings, because I’m going to tell you how you can improve the state of this planet, one toke at a time.

Hemp is renewable, eco-friendly and clean, making it the most natural medium to smoke from. American Black Walnut is a beautiful wood that is sustainably grown. Both of these materials should make your inner do-gooder *puff* with glee - you can be the source-saving person that Earth needs you to be! To celebrate Earth's B I G day, we're giving you 30% off herb vaporizers and accessories (expires 4/22/2017 at 11:59PM PT) - use coupon code: EARTHDAY30 at checkout.

VapeWorld has the best eco-friendly products on the market: Magic-Flight and Marley Natural.


• Handcrafted in the USA

• Exceptionally efficient

• 5-second heat-up time

Made from durable and renewable wood, the Magic-Flight Launch Box is beautifully crafted and intuitively designed to vaporize herb. This portable conduction vaporizer is powered by a rechargeable AA NiMH battery and holds the title of the world's smallest electronic vaporizer, making it the perfect option for low-profile vaporizing on-the-go. The Magic-Flight Maud-Dib is the concentrate box that will easily, quickly and safely vaporize concentrates, oils and herbal extracts. No torch is required! A tiny, pin-head-sized amount is all you need for a sensational experience.


• Made from sustainably grown American Black Walnut

• Jamaican-inspired accents

• Heat resistant hand-blown glass

• Comfortable hand-held feel

Marley Natural, made from sustainably grown American Black Walnut, is dedicated to creating uniquely designed smoking accessories. Balancing intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, Marley Natural caters to a personalized and sensory approach to the classic ritual of smoking. All smoking pieces are accented by heat resistant hand-blown glass, ensuring durability, convenient maintenance and a comfortable hand-held feel.