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G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit

Even though they contain the most precious cargo, pizza boxes don't serve much of a purpose after you've unloaded and consumed your melty-mayhem of a pizza pie. But all of that is about to change with PIZZANISTA!. PIZZANISTA! is a revolutionary take, taste, and more importantly, toke on pizza - one that transforms the origami masterpiece of a pie box into a treasure chest of high and smoky booty. Forget pepperoni and onions, this lil’ guy is topped with even tastier gems - accessories that’ll lift you up while your feet are still firmly planted on the ground *wink wink*

Grenco Science has deliciously collaborated with PIZZANISTA! to create a limited edition vaporizer set baked… er, I mean built, on everyone’s favorite munchie, pizza! The standard, boring ‘ol pizza box usually comes adorned with a couple of colored dominos or the name of a guy called Papa, but this lil’ guy cranks up the cool factor and is essentially a canvas to flex creative, albeit pizza-obsessed, muscles. To have and to dough from this day forward, y’all, we proudly introduce the G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit - you get a vape pen, you get a vape pen, err'ybody go get your pizza-licious portable vape pen!