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Friday Fun Day: Bad Libs for a FREE VAPE

As summer winds down, the VapeWorld offices are reminiscing about summers past, and some of our favorite road trip games. There's card games, and bingo, but it seems the one game that bridges the generational gap is Mad Libs. Fill out ours, and you could win a FREE Summit Vaporizer by Vapium PLUS a Spring Solar Charger!

What is a Madlib?

We're glad you asked. Madlib is a rapper and entertainer, and this post has nothing to do with him. If you meant to ask us about Mad Libs, you need to make sure to show it respect and refer to it in the plural.

Ok, so what are Mad Libs?

Thank you for clarifying. Mad Libs have been around since the 50's and consist of one individual asking the other for a series of words: noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc. Those words are then inserted into a story and hilarity ensues.

Why do so many Mad Libs feature burps, farts and other bodily functions?

We're getting awfully personal here, and we like it! Mad Libs appeals to the immature side of all of us. Potty humor is inherently funny. Even the word 'potty' is funny. You're laughing right now, and it's ok.

How do I play?

Getting right to the point! We built our own story with the help of a great little site called Mad:)Takes. All you do is enter the words we requested below. When you click "GET VAPED!