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Featured Video: Get to Know the Haze Vaporizer

Get to know the Haze vaporizer! This multi-purpose vaporizer has some really unique features, like it's dual chambers and ability to use conduction or convection heating. In this super short video, we'll show you what comes with your Haze, how to set it up, and how to use it. 


What's in the Box

Your Haze vaporizer comes with one glass and one stainless steel mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, 18650 batteries, two convection screens, two conduction screens, two concentrate tanks, tweezers, and an AC battery charger.

Vape Anatomy

The Haze has two independent heating chambers that can be  loaded at the same time, four pre-set temperature settings with  LED indicators, and swappable mouthpieces.

The Haze’s replaceable 18650 battery is inserted behind the sliding door in  the bottom of the unit.

Charging & Setup

Charge your 18650 batteries fully before first use. The Haze charger also features a convenient USB port on the side for charging other devices.

The Haze includes conduction and convection type screens, as well as an all-purpose concentrate can.

Grind your blends finely and load the convection or conduction screen, or apply your concentrates in the all-purpose can.


Usage & Loading

Open the door to the ovens, and load one or both if you prefer. The included tweezers make loading and unloading very easy. The Haze is powered on by sliding the oven switch to either side. There are indicators under the switch that reveal which heater has been activated.

The Mouthpiece is easily dropped out by turning the unit upside down. The Haze has 4 temperature settings, adjusted by the button on the top. If you want to switch heating chambers, push the mouthpiece down, and slide the switch to the other side.

The LED’s will blink while heating; when they stop the Haze is ready to go!

Overview & Specs

  • Dual heating chamber
  • Strong Lithium-Ion 18650 battery
  • Four temperature settings
  • Easy loading
  • Works with all materials
  • Glass & steel mouthpieces
  • 5 minute auto-shutoff

  • Style - Conduction/convection
  • Method - Direct draw
  • Weight - 6.7oz
  • Size - 3.1in x 3in x 1in
  • Power source - Lithium-Ion
  • Warranty - 10 years

The Haze comes in 5 colors: Graphite, Midnight, Stealth, Absinthe, and Orchid.


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