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Coachella Survival Guide

COACHELLA 2017: Your survival guide for staying L-I-T

From tent dancing to wet ‘n’ wild floating fiestas to being blinded by the bling of neon lights, we’ve rounded up the best vaporizers & smoking accessories that’ll make cutting loose and cooling down at Coachella a stylish cinch.

Coachella Poop Parly

Stay frosted in the hot desert sun with EYCE2.0! A frozen treat for mind and body, the EYCE2.0 is an ice water pipe for frozen rips that will not only cool you off but also provide the perfect prop for some #ChillChella Instagram shots! Forget about breaking your precious glass pieces, this is a worry-free zone where the mindset and rips are chill.

There's only so much oontz oontz oontz a person can take before needing a mental METAL health day! Turn your squad into a good vibes tribe with Pax 3. Pax 3 is loose leaf and concentrate compatible, meaning no matter what you are packing, the Pax 3 will send you riding on cool vapor waves.

Rage and let the good times roll with Shine, the first ever 24-Karat gold rolling paper. While everyone is trying to sneak into VIP or have a celeb sighting, you can be be celebrating the high life while having a floating fiesta at a pool party; Shine is luxury at your fingertips, flecks of gold remain in your ashes while the burn is extremely slow for a smooth smoke. Amp up the California lovin’ with the Santa Cruz Shredder, this grinder has a revolutionary tooth design that will never dull and is the ultimate in herb shredding. Toke and soak with Shine; beats, bikinis and bling - don’t be at the party, be the party!

Coachella Poolside

While you are on a rave and repeat cycle, hit your internal refresh with some tasty clouds. The Dr. Dabber Aurora provides the best low-heat vaporization experience for concentrates and comes with three distinct atomizers for unmatched customization. With a vape pen in hand and the bass line in your heart, this will be the best weekend of your life.

For those that plan on moving and grooving to the music from sunup to sundown, we’ve got the perfect companion piece for you, the G Pen vaporizer. Convenient, effective and stealth-savvy, the G Pen will fit in your pocket for on-the-go use and will instantly dispense pure vapor at the push of a button. The G Pen, which now includes a Dual Quartz Atomizer, is the VIP ticket that will let you play it cool while getting turnt up.

Camping @ Coachella

Attending Coachella is a right of passage for festival goers, but it’s not until you camp there that you truly become a ‘Chella expert. Camping at a festival isn’t easy, but the Summit+ will turn your tent time into a dope experience. A built-in stir tool will refresh your material so you won’t have to reload and eight preset temperatures settings are provided for your convenience. Summit+ is the first splash-proof and dust-proof vaporizer built to handle any of life's adventures, Coachella showers and car camper parties included!

The Coachella campsite is where the magic happens - art, food trucks and fun, oh my! Do you know what doesn’t happen? Ample charging. Sure there are charging stations, but the queues are never-ending. The Magic Flight doesn’t need to be plugged in; it is an electronic, battery-operated portable vaporizer that is perfect for low-profile sessions. Made from durable and renewable wood, the Magic Flight is available for concentrate or flower. From hippy-dippy, boho with a penchant for wanderlust to a rad dad getting away for the weekend, the Magic Flight is your jam for a heightened experience.

Coachella Style Savvy Hippies

Coachella is a chance for us to embrace our inner hippie/hipster/boho extraordinaire, for gals to wear flower crowns and for bros to break out frayed denim shorts. The Atmos Jump will accessorize your perfectly planned outfits that characterize festival style. The Jump provides a powerful performance with every use, evenly vaporizing dry herbs to provide a smooth and rich vapor. Sparkly, bold, and stylish… just like you.

For Coachella, style mongers from near and far gather in one dusty desert destination, decked out in their boho best. The best accessory that’ll crank your style game up to 11 is the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Taster. This one-hitter will deliver a delicious hit that’ll send you jammin’; the design has a hippie aesthetic with a twist of reggae rock. Some call it travel-sized, others call it fun-sized – we just like that it fits perfectly inside the Marley Natural Black Walnut Holder. Portable, efficient and built for free spirits, the Taster is your stylish go-to companion for Coachella.

Neon Carnival @ Coachella

The epicenter of LED lights and day-glo, the Neon Carnival illuminates the desert. The fluorescent ferris wheel will let you stargaze, but the Puffco+ vaporizer pen will bring you to new heights. Equipped with an all-ceramic heating chamber that uses no coils and is super easy to load, the Puffco+ delivers the a pure flavor and discreet design. A cloud-shaped light will glow a glorious neon shade of the rainbow when you’ve achieved your desired temperature...making the Puffco+ part of the party!

The DaVinci IQ will bring the bright lights and action to the Neon Carnival! 51 LED lights flash bursts of color and dance to the beat of its internal drum when you adjust the temperature or power on/off. Davinci IQ allows users to create their own vaping experience with a precise four-set temperature control system. Ultra-modern and pocket-friendly, the DaVinci IQ produces strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds.


Coachella might bring some people together, but the Volcano vaporizer brings everyone together! Let the yippies (yuppy hippies) shake their tail feathers and schvitz in the desert heat, while you*puff* *puff* *pass* the Volcano balloon from the comfort of your couch and celebrate NoChella. The Volcano pumps fresh, filtered air to form a big ol’ ballon; hot air passes over your aromatic blends or essential oils to create vapor, giving you a party bag filled with pure deliciousness. Head-pounding music and long lines at Coachella… or passing the balloon around to your core crew with the A/C blasting… sounds like an easy decision to us. Besides, Volcanos are, like, so hot right now.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Coachella this year, you can still get your flower crowns ready because we’re bringing the festival fun to your home but with none of the crowds or sunburn. Sure, watching live bands out in the desert can be considered #goals, but stream the shows with your friends and party with the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer for some high times! This jack-of-all-trades vaporizer produces superior vapor quality, delivered via your choice of balloon (forced air) or whip (direct draw). #NoChella, no probz.