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At some time or another you’ve probably pondered this query, “Gee whiz, am I supposed to clean my vaporizer, vape, vape pen, functional glass, ecetera ecetera?” Well, guys and gals, gather ‘round and I’ll give you the scoop on whether the necessity of cleaning your device is fact or fiction.

Let’s start off by posing a relatable question: when you’re sitting down for a delicious meal, do you chow down with dirty eating utensils? Nuh-Uh. It should be the same mindset for vaping - you don’t want to smoke out of a dirty piece because the flavor will be muddled and the experience less than stellar. FACT: cleaning your device is muy necessito.

You’re probably like, “WTF, besides keeping my piece a sparkle monster, why would I actually need to give this sucker a deep clean?” - well, congrats, because that is an excellent question and here are the answers:



The more frequently you use your device, the more important it becomes to clean it because it affects your vapor quality. When you first started utilizing your device, you likely were able to perfect the draw exactly to your liking, giving you the ideal experience each time. But over time something started to change - the airpath started clogging up, making it more difficult to get a smooth inhale and the once pure tasting vapor began to have a burnt flavor. When you start getting air resistance and a funky flavor, you know that it’s high time you clean your device.

If you choose not to clean your device, resin will continue to build up, making it harder to achieve a smooth draw with pure flavor. Terpenes are the strongly scented oils that give your special material its distinctive flavors. With a clean device, you will be achieving pure flavor. Terpenes are your best friend and mine, so let’s let them be bold and flavorful.


When using vaporizers or functional glass for the purpose of alleviating medical symptoms, a poorly maintained device might not only render the vapor less effective, but also pose a higher health risk because of the dirt and residue that could come along with the vapor.

Having high-quality vapor will yield the best benefits for your experience. To maximize the performance of your device, it is a necessity that the pathway of the vapor is clean and not contain any contaminants. It is possible that you are compromising your health if you are not cleaning your device.


Devices can have prolonged lifespans when they are routinely cleaned. With zero corrosion from residue, it is possible that each component can last longer. This means that buying replacement parts will be fewer and farther between.

Most devices come with a manual that embraces the observance of product maintenance. No matter the caliber or price of their products, companies include a cleaning guide because it is up to the user to maintain the product in order to reap maximum benefits over time. It is very important to note that when you keep your device in tip top shape it will continue to stay covered by the manufacturer backed warranty.


The functionality of your device will be greatly affected if residue is left to accumulate. If the vapors pathway starts getting clogged, the device components will not be used to its full capabilities. Improper use can contribute to corrosion of some crucial components in your device. Functional glass and vaporizers are designed to reach specific temperature ranges. When resin buildup is present, the materials will heat unevenly, thus affecting vapor quality and overall experience.


Functional glass and vaporizers are favored over rolling papers because vapor is healthier, cleaner and has the absence of carcinogens. However, if not properly cleaned, resin will build up and these leftover residue layers will get repeatedly heated and eventually transform into harmful compounds. Tasting a burnt flavor in your vapor is the signal that you are inhaling the residue. Using your material in a clean device will reward you with the purest vapor possible. Keep your lungs clear, experience heightened and your device clean.

Keep your devices squeaky clean so they can constantly perform at their best for you. Have questions about how to clean a particular device? Dope. Keep scrolling through our blog to get step-by-steps guide on each product or give us call/shoot us an email. Our team of vapeologists and product experts are the best in the game and ready to help.

Some really easy to clean vaporizers are:

  • PAX 3: Sleek and compact, the PAX offers easy access to the air path
  • Firefly 2: Engineered with a removable lid for use and maintenance convenience, the air path is easily exposed
  • DaVinci IQ: The Smart Path isn't the only thing genius about the DaVinci IQ! It has a removable air path for easy cleaning
  • Volcano and Arizer Extreme Q: Both of these desktop vaporizers do not get dirty because all of the vapor exists in the disposable (and re-useable!) bags


Firefly 2

DaVinci IQ


Extreme Q