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710: The History of Dabbing

710: The History of Dabbing

We’ve all been there and *puff*puff*passed* that on 4/20. An all day affair of rocking red eyes and indulging in massive quantities of Flaming Hot Cheetos, pizza and gas station burrito regrets. April 20th is the worldwide, well-known, widely celebrated day that everyone from your kickball team to great-grandma Ida is well-versed in. Well, call up the old folks home and tell Ida that there is a new stoney sheriff in town - a blazin’ national holiday dedicated to dabbing, 710! But why, you ask, is this dabbing holiday called 710? Buckle up, bubba, I've got some splainin' to do on the history of dabbing.

710, aptly named for being annually celebrated on July 10th (7/10...duh), came about because of the huge spike in popularity of concentrates and oil. And how do we smoke said sticky, sometimes, liquidy, ooey gooey delights? With a DAB - DING DING DING, 10 points for Gryffindor! If this were a family tree, 710 would be the little brother of 4/20 - a little newer on the scene, but paving its own path of smoke, fame and friends.

You’re probably like, UHH EXCUSE ME MR. WIZARD, SIR, BUT WHY IS THIS MAGICAL DAY ACTUALLY ON 7/10? Well, bud, that is a fantastic question with a rather funny, albeit totally sensical, answer. If you flip 710 upside down, it spells out the word “OIL.” Mind meet blown. I bet you just tilted your head as far to the side as possible to see if I was full of shhh---er BS. But alas, you know I was speaking the truth-aroni and cheez. Truth be known, the first time I heard about it I did the head tilt too #twinning.



710 is the day to recognize the reasons why concentrates and oil are steadily becoming many people’s go-to faves. Haven’t indulged yet? Here’s your shot. Here’s a quick back-to-school sesh on the who, what, where and whys of concentrates and oil. Honestly, we all deserve a higher education.


Dabbing is the method of consuming concentrates or oil, while a dab is the small amount of concentrate you are using. Put your dose on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then take a big’ ol inhale through the dab rig. Between the concentrates being, well, extremely concentrated, and the direct heat, dabs give you an intense… trip to outer space/vacay in the clouds/a lovely journey to a high, high up mountain *wink wink*. In addition to a good time, you’ll be extracting terpenes with every dab. Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give your material its distinct flavor.


  1. Shatter: looks like a sheet of glass.
  2. Crumble: driest consistency and it looks like brown sugar.
  3. Budder: consistency of peanut butter (um, yum). This is made from whipping shatter.
  4. Wax: sticky form that should only be handled with a dab.
  5. Oil: liquid that has a much different taste than all of the abovementioned.


Temperature control is mucho important for dabbing because of the terpenes. Just like you, my dear bud, every terpene is unique, meaning that flavor, scent, and sensitivity to heat are all different. The temperature that you dab at can greatly effect the aforementioned goodies.

You want to dab at low temperatures. Low temperatures will still boil the concentrates and oils, but will leave the compounds essentially unchanged and transformed into vapor which guarantees maximum flavor transfer.


  1. Glass Nails: great for flavor & easy to clean
  2. Ceramic Nails: extremely long heat retention, exceptional flavor, & inert (it won’t add any flavors to the vapor)
  3. Quartz Nails: ability to withstand high amounts of heat (so the nail will last longer overall), durable, & superior flavor that allows you to experience the full range of terpenes
  4. Titanium Nails: indestructible & can withstand incredibly high amounts of heat


  • Domeless Nails: Have ventilation holes directly on the piece. They have better airflow than nails that require a dome.
  • Domed Nails: When you use a domed nail, you add an extra step to the dabbing process. Before you take your hit, you need to slip on a glass “hood” which collects vapor. This dome is what enables you to draw the vapor through.