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2020 Vaporizer Gift Guide

2020 Vaporizer Gift Guide

Need a new...anything this holiday season? vapor canada has your clouds covered with all the devices and accessories you could think of to help elevate your sessions or confections.

Make sure to take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Week sales starting on 11/23, you can learn more about the vaporizer savings here.

If you like something, just click the button and make your purchase. Order before December 10th to ensure your purchase is at your door before Boxing Day!

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We've got a short breakdown of some of our favorites right here as well:

vape pens holiday gift guide header

For the on-the-go consumer, a good concentrate or dry herb pen can make any outing an elevated one. Enjoy rig-like vapor from something that fits in the palm of your hand with these elite vape pens.

KandyPens RUBI - $64.95

KandyPens RUBI in shell dish

The KandyPens RUBI can be used to enjoy thinner concentrates or eliquid from a refillable pod. The 1ml pods can help with parceling out material or switching between concentrates on-the-fly, plus you control what’s going inside your pod. There aren’t many refillable pod vapes that are as easy to use as the RUBI.

G Pen Nova Vaporizer - Cookies Edition - $54.95

Cool dude holding Cookies G Pen Nova

Let everyone know where you stand with the G Pen Nova - Cookies Edition. Iconic Cookies SF branding drapes the Nova which houses a ceramic heating element and 650mAh variable voltage battery offering voltages of 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V. A ceramic steel loading tool makes prepping sessions easy, and since the tool is housed in the mouthpiece it doesn’t get lost or in the way.

Atmos Jump - $79.95

atmos jump vaporizer outside

One of the more “old school” vape pens on this list, the Atmos Jump has been a mainstay in the portable vape pen world. The 1200mAh battery inside the Jump Vaporizer rivals almost any other vape pen on the market and delivers thick vapor every pull. An optimized temperature or around 400°F heats your material just to the point of combustion, without going over. The Jump uses convection heating to heat the air around your material as opposed to heating it directly, which keeps the true flavor of your dry herb in play as you enjoy thick vapor.

desktop vaporizers holiday gift guide header

Kicking off our 2020 Buying Guide is the powerhouse of the vapor-world, desktop vaporizers. If you’re in the market for an at-home device we’ve got our top 3 listed right here, but for more options check out all of our Desktop Vaporizers for sale!

Volcano Hybrid - $929.00

Two friends enjoying the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid arrived in 2019 to bring whip-style vapor delivery to the famous Volcano Vaporizer line. An updated digital-touch display makes pinpointing and monitoring your temperature easier than ever. Storz & Bickel engineered the Hybrid to heat up 10x faster than its predecessors while providing vapor by way of whip or classic Volcano bag delivery. Convection heating has never been this fast!

Arizer Extreme Q - $239.99

arizer extreme q vaporizer in use with lights on

The Extreme Q is a mainstay on vaporizer gift guides because of it’s elite performance at a reasonable price. Arizer developed the Extreme Q to be the first-ever remote-controlled desktop vape, so you can choose temperatures and start the heating process before you even sit down. Precision temperature control and multiple fan speeds make for in-depth sessions and full exploration of your dry herb. For under $170 you won’t find a better desktop vape.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH - $519.99

Dr. Dabber SWTICH Vaporizer

Say hello to the most innovative product in this whole gift guide! The Dr. Dabber SWITCH uses induction heating to create an electromagnetic field that gets your dry herb or wax to temperature in under 10 seconds. 25 heat settings for each material mean you can taste each flavor note of your material, or gradually ramp to manufacture thick clouds of vapor.

portable dry herb vaporizers holiday gift guide header

Sometimes a category has so many good devices, we gotta add one to profile. Portable dry herb vaporizers offer more power than vape pens and allow for more complex heating systems to deliver smoother, denser, and more flavorful vapor.

Firefly 2+ - $324.95

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer in-hand

The Firefly 2+ has a new airflow system and an upgraded battery to deliver the best Firefly Vaporizer to date. This is one of the few portable vaporizers that offers true convection heating in under 5 seconds. Users can pick a temperature between 200°F and 500°F to get their preferred vapor experience. Two touch sensors on each side of the Firefly 2+ activate the heater, making activation easy.

PAX 3 - Complete Kit - $319.99

New PAX 3 Vaporizer colors

The revamped colorways of the PAX 3 are here! The PAX 3 Complete Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy vapor from one of the most iconic vaporizers of all time. A new mobile-app, half-pack oven lid, and four dynamic vapor modes make the PAX 3 one of the most in-depth and efficient portable vaporizers available. An included concentrate insert turns the PAX 3 into a dual-use powerhouse. The PAX 3 -Complete Kit comes with extra screens, the concentrate insert, half pack oven lid, two mouthpieces, and a carrying pouch. For those who don’t need the extras, there is a Basic Kit available as well.

Ghost MV1 - $300.00

Ghost MV1 Vaporizers

You can tell at first glance the Ghost MV1 is going to be a beast, and with a discounted price it's the perfect time to buy one. This vaporizer uses a pod based system that makes dosing dry herb and concentrates an easy process. The ergonomic shape of the MV1 makes enjoying flavorful comfortable, while the convection heating and battery work together to produce vapor in under 10 seconds due to the removable 2600mAh battery. A Ghost compatibility app lets you pinpoint your preferred temperature and edit how much and when the device is heated.

AirVape Xs GO - $89.00

AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer on a cactus

For the outdoorsy vape user comes the AirVape Xs GO. Able to fit in any pocket or bag the Xs GO is made from high-grade plastic and houses a 1200mAh that will deliver a full day’s worth of vapor. A combination convection/conduction heating system evenly vaporizes your dry herb in conjunction with a ceramic oven. 5 optimized heat settings bring you options when it comes to the kind of vapor you want. This also happens to be one of the cheaper options in this category, a nice bonus if you’re a vape user on a budget.

erigs and enails holiday gift guide header

It was a banner year for electric concentrate rigs! The desktop-looking-but-still-portable trend is in full effect for these devices and the result is crazy thick vapor from some of the most stylish and technologically advanced devices in the vape world.

KandyPens OURA - $454.95

KandyPens OURA Vaporizer enveloped in vapor

KandyPens put a 3000mAh battery inside the OURA for all-day vaping and enabled USB-C Fast Charging for limited downtime. Users can choose from a Quartz Atomizer for thick clouds, or the Ceramic Atomizer for a more flavorful dabbing experience. To add to the experience, the OURA has LED effects and haptic feedback. Four preset temperatures produce some of the thickest clouds available on this list, in a manner of seconds.

G Pen Connect Vaporizer - $235.95

G Pen Connect Vaporizer in-use emitting vapor

Designed for any glass-to-glass water pipe connection the G Pen Connect uses a ceramic heating element to bring out the true taste of your material, while an 850mAh offers voltage options of 3.1, 3.6, and 4.1. For such a compact device the G Pen Connect might be leading the pack in the ‘size to cloud production’ race.

Puffco Peak - $499.99

Puffco Peak ENail in use

The “godfather” of the modern erig, of course, makes our 2020 Gift Guide. A ceramic atomizer does a good job of bringing the flavor of your concentrate material out, while the intelligent heat calibration keeps heating from one of the four preset temperatures even and consistent. The borosilicate glass connection helps smooth out and cool your draws.

concentrate rigs holiday gift guide header

This section is for the old-school concentrate users. Sit down with your torch and enjoy thorough vaporization from the OG concentrate consumption equipment. We have a large supply of rigs to choose from here so if these don’t get you psyched check out what else we have to offer!

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig - $64.00

mj arsenal ursa mini rig

MJ Arsenal has been making some of the most compact and effective mini rigs since 2018. The Ursa represents one of their more “toned down” mini rigs, but it gets the job done very well. The 100% quartz banger included with the Ursa Mini Rig finds a nice balance between heat-up time and flavor production. As your vapor is formed, the base-connected disc percolator sifts your draws through water to moisture-cool them before reaching your lips. Don’t let the size fool you, the Ursa Mini Rig rips big.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig - $220.00

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig enjoying the sunshine

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig brings a classic silhouette to the concentrate rig game with airtight seals and a diffused stem to smooth out your draws. Coming in at 7” tall, the Heavy Duty Rig does a nice job of blending into space. Built-in the USA the Heavy Duty Rig can take everyday drops and tumbles thanks to its borosilicate glass construction. A handy carrying case is included as well.

K. Haring Dab Rig - $180.00

K.Haring Concentrate Rig

The K.Haring Rig is one of the most stylish dab rigs to come out recently and the performance is as elite as it's design. A turbine percolator helps moisture cool your draws while the UFO-style directional carb cap gives you total control over your sessions. Keith Haring's artwork adorns this dab rig to give it an eye-catching aesthetic capable of fitting into any design setting.

dry herb pipe and beakers gift guide header

Sometimes during the holidays you just want to pack a bowl and chill. For those dry herb users who enjoy the simpler things in life here are our top picks for dry herbs and pipes, we’ve got a slew of pipes to choose from here if these don’t psych you up.

Eyce Spoon - $25.99

EYCE Spoon, poolside

The Eyce Spoon is the peak of unbreakable spoon pipe technology. Constructed from platinum-cured silicone the Eyce Spoon won’t break or tear no matter what you put it through. A removable borosilicate glass bowl allows you to taste every aspect of your dry herb without outside interference. Available in a multitude of color combinations, the Eyce Spoon can be the go-to for any dry herb enthusiast.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon - $52.00

A very festive Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

From the first family of herb comes the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon. The smoky borosilicate glass is adorned by gold branding to give a subtle and refined vibe during sessions. An enlarged bowl makes it possible to pack enough for any session, and once set down the entire spoon rests on a small “platform” giving it a floating effect.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker - $200.00

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker with sparkler friend

Made in the USA the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is a classically designed water pipe built to manufacture smooth, deep draws. A diffused downstem creates uber-fine bubbles to sift your smoke and bathe it in moisture. There aren’t any extra bells and whistles on the Heavy Duty Beaker, and they aren’t needed as this 14” tall water pipe does the job right every time.

herb grinders gift guide header

Hopefully you’ve moved on from splitting up your dry herb with your hands or scissors, but if you haven’t (or just need a new grinder) check out our favorite herb grinders below or in peruse our extensive selection here.

Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece - $64.00 to $98.00

Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinder

Available in multiple colors the Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece is a great grinder for on-the-go prep. It doesn’t take up as much space as a 4-piece, but still has a compartment to make grabbing and loading your material easy. Santa Cruz uses its unique tooth design to make your dry herb perfect for a vape, pipe, or paper. The rounded walls of the inner compartment ensure no dry herb gets left behind.

OTTO Electric Herb Grinder - $168.00

Banana Bros. OTTO Herb Grinder

The OTTO is the first automatic herb grinder that preps and dispenses your dry herb into a cone. The SMART Grinding Technology can sense the material getting dense, and switch directions to avoid a jam. All you have to do is load your dry herb, close the OTTO, press a button, and within seconds you’ll be twisting your perfectly proportioned cone.

infusion machine gift guide header

For the edibly-inclined consumers, we’ve got the best infusion machines available to elevate your holiday get together. These machines can turn any dish into an extra special delight, or help you prep infused oils, butters, etc. for later on.

LEVO II - $349.99

LEVO 2 Oil Infuser with muffins

The LEVO II not only can create infused oils it also activates your dry herb through decarboxylation, the process of getting your dry herb’s compounds “ready” for consumption. A removable reservoir makes for easy cleaning, and a modern design fits in any kitchen.

MagicalButter - $229.95

magical butter infusion machine device only

A pillar of the infusion world, the MagicalButter uses an immersion blender and digital thermostat to bring evenly-dosed infusions to your edibles. The one-button-operation allows anyone to infuse, while the multitude of accessories available make the process streamlined.

Want even more? We’ve got anything you need this holiday season to elevate your sessions, check out our full selection here and let us know what you snagged!

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