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Build-A-Stash Box

Build-A-Stash Box

The cornerstone of every good dry herb session is preparation. For years smokers have been curating their stash boxes to fit their individual smoke accessory needs perfectly. If you’re new to the game, it is essential to be well equipped for every session. Having a stash box that is lacking in the essentials can torpedo you and your friend’s vibe and leave you wanting more from your get-together. A well-tailored stash box can mean the difference between a successful afternoon and a ruined day off. Let’s go through the essentials to help you Build-A-Stash Box that will ensure nothing is left to chance for your next smoke session.


When you build a stash box, specialization is crucial. Your stash box itself should be small enough to, well, stash away easily. Your designated stash area will dictate your spatial needs, but the more compact, the better. A shoebox is a little too big to be considered, the height of your stash box should be just tall enough to keep your grinder in without having a ton of unnecessary space. It is also wise to avoid anything like cardboard that could be susceptible to moisture damage or wear and tear. There is a chance your stash box might take a few bumps during its lifetime so having a sturdy receptacle will save you from having to re-pack your stash tools. Something that only needs one hand to carry is ideal—I’ve come across a few buddies who have borderline oil tanks as their smoke session prep containers, and it seemed more inconvenient than just having things laying around.



Putting together the inventory of your stash box is a vital step in making sure you won’t be hung out to dry during your next smoke session. We’ve got a lineup of all the dry herb sesh essentials you’ll need for your Build-A-Stash Box project!

2 ⅛” Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece


In this blogger’s personal opinion, your grinder is the most crucial piece of your stash box. Having to use your fingers to break up dry herb can be one of the more frustrating “last resort” moves users have to resort to; your fingers end up sticky and smelly, and it is an inefficient way to enjoy dry herb. Grinders have saved dry herb users supply for years, breaking down more substantial pieces of dry herb into smaller granules lets heat touch more surface area of your bowl, extracting a ton of flavor.

Available in three sizes (1 ⅝”, 2 ⅛”, and 2 ¾”) the Santa Cruz Shredder is a grinder that will be right at home in your stash box. I’ve recommended the “medium-ist” size for this particular situation, as I envision my own stash box as a compact one, but even if you opt for the largest size, your stash box won’t feel too overcrowded. Santa Cruz gave their Shredder medical-grade anodized aluminum, a new tooth design, and magnetic lid closure. A textured grip makes the Shredder easy to use and is an excellent grinder for patients who may suffer from wrist pain. The upgraded tooth design not only grinds your dry herb without mashing it up, but it also fluffs it up. This “fluffing component” is what creates a more efficient result when the dry herb is consumed, conserving your product and letting 100% of the flavor out.

Adding a grinder to your Build-A-Stash-Box checklist kills two birds with one stone: it not only will prep your dry herb perfectly, but also act as storage. The magnetic connection between the lid and the top compartment won’t ever weaken and keeps an airtight seal to preserve freshness. Even with its compact size, the Santa Cruz Shredder is still a three-piece grinder; your pollen will be collected and stored to pleasantly surprise you during your next smoke session.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

Now that your grinder problem is solved, it’s time to move on to the “smoking device” section of your Build-A-Stash Box checklist. With so many ways to consume dry herb today, there is no reason to not go all out on your consumption options. The first piece we’ll take a look at is a classic glass taster from Marley Natural.

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is stylish and simple. A gold stripe decal adds a dash of class to the smoky borosilicate glass and the Marley Natural logo adorns the top of the taster. Marley Natural made the Smoked Glass Taster from borosilicate glass to ensure durability and staying power. Having a borderline unbreakable one-hitter in your stash box is the best insurance one can have should their central piece take a tumble during the journey to the smoke spot. The life of a one-hitter is simple: they aren’t supposed to “wow” you with their technology or smoking power, they’re just supposed to do their straightforward job every time you need it done. Having this one-hitter in your stash box will leave you with peace of mind, and allow you to add another device into the circle should more people join in.


So you’ve got the one-hitter added to your Build-A-Stash Box, be proud of yourself for preparing for the worst should you break a piece. Now you can think about adding another dry herb enthusiast classic, with a bit of a twist. Shine is an up and coming rolling paper company dedicated to bringing a little something extra to your dry herb cone experience. Rolling papers are fantastic on their own, but Shine has come up with a way of turning classic rolling papers into works of gilded art, say hello to the Shine 24K Gold Cone.  

Made from a hemp-based paper, the Shine 24K Gold Cone is here to add some flash to your stash box. Smooth burning and eye-catching, these cones are an effortless way to brighten up any smoking session. As stash boxes are reasonably portable, it can be a nice addition to toss in for when your smoking spot might require a long hike and you feel like rewarding yourself with excellence. Not wanting to mess with perfection, Shine didn’t aim to reinvent the cone itself, just how you look while enjoying it.

To pair with your rolled goods is a mini-cone bubbler from MJ Arsenal. The Martian is the first water filtration piece designed for rolled cones. Borosilicate glass (notice a theme here?) ensures that this accessory won’t ever shatter should you get butterfingers during your session. The carb hole is used in the standard fashion, but can also be utilized for directional airflow to create a nice tornado-effect inside The Martian. A bonus is the size of The Martian; any stash box should be able to fit this little guy inside. Once you’re at your smoke spot, what better way to chill out than cooled down draws from a funky mini-water filter? 

G Slim Vaporizer for Blends

Ok, utility grinder is covered, old school one-hitter and shiny new cones with water filtration, check, now it’s time to add a little new-school dry herb goodness to your stash box. If you forget to load up your grinder and only have a small amount of dry herb on deck, the G Slim Vaporizer for Blends can conserve your herb while extracting more flavors than the taster or papers can. The G Slim for Blends is cheap, discreet, and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your stash box. Pen-style vaporizers are easily stored in your stash box and tend to be durable enough to take the usual bumps and bruises associated with a travel-friendly vape.
The small stature of the G Slim Herbal Vaporizer is perfect for adventurous vape users. Housed inside the G Slim Herbal is a ceramic heating chamber that vapes your dry herb with crazy efficiency. Grenco Science gave the G Slim Herbal a ceramic chamber so no extra flavors will get added to your dry herb, so all you’ll taste is the pure flavor from your ground material. Conduction heating extracts the essential elements and also allows for a super quick heat-up time.

So there you have it, an excellent starting point for your next Build-A-Stash Box project. The most important thing to remember is this: if you think you might need it, toss it in the box. Become the “prepared one” of your crew and always have a spare paper, grinder, or vape just in case things go awry. What we’ve outlined here is just the basics, feel free to add your own personal touches to your stash box to really set it off!