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Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Today, we're celebrating something near and dear to our hearts: our furry friends. It's National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Adopting an animal from a shelter is so rewarding. Not only does it bring you happiness and the good feelings of saving an animal's life, but when you adopt, you're also supporting the other animals waiting for their fur-ever home. And don't think for one second that your new friend isn't appreciative of the great life you're going to give them!

There are so many incredible animals in shelters all over the United States, and we wish we could take them all home! Unfortunately, space is usually an issue and our family/spouses would probably kill us if we brought home any more, but we'll spare you the sad Sarah McLachlan tunes. Without further ado, we bring you the adorable rescue animals of VapeWorld!



 width= Butters

 width= Loki - (my child!)

 width= Mufasa

 width= width=

Rosie & Rudy

 width= Marley aka Marls Barkley

Shelter Pet Day Boots

Shelter Pet Day Ziggy

Shelter Pet Day Addison Daphne

As you can see, we've got some charming critters. We all adore our fur babies and often wonder, who really rescued who?

If your current circumstances prevent you from adopting right now but you still want to help, here are some ways you can lend a hand to homeless animals now!

  • Volunteer at your local shelter. Those doggies would love for you to take them for walks!
  • Help out at adoption events
  • Spay & neuter your pets
  • Donate to a rescue group
  • Educate others on the importance of adopting, not shopping!

Have you been inspired to adopt a new friend today? Check out The Shelter Pet Project! Simply enter your zip code, if you would like a cat or dog, and let the website do the searching for you! You may just find your new best friend and you can really make a difference in an animal's life.

Have a shelter animal yourself? Show us a picture! Nothing makes our day go by faster than looking at cute animal pics ;)