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The Waterworks: HYDROLOGY9

There's a new kid on the smoky block and the ingenuity is off the muthaf*%kin' charts - holla atchu new favorite, Hydrology9! CLOUDIOUS9 has reinvented liquid filtration with it’s portable vaporizer, Hydrology9. Revolutionary in design and engineering, the Hydrology9 is a powerhouse that delivers a high-precision performance. Every feature showcases the ingenuity of the design; the user has total control via temperature, airflow and materials.


- On-Board Water Filtration
- Built-In LED's
- Customizable Draw Resistance
- Built-In Stir Stick

- 2000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

- 15 Sessions Per Charge


- Hydrology 9 Vaporizer
- USB Charging Cable
- A/C Adapter
- Loading Tool / Air Intake Adjustment Tool
- Long Cleaning Brush
- Short Cleaning Brush
- Extra Screens

On-board water filtration is an exclusive feature in the portable vaporizer realm, making the Hydrology9 a standout. Water filtration cools the air intake, making your draws smoother and creamier. Each pull will fill your lungs with clean, thick vapor.

An advanced microchip technology gives a precise temperature control that allows you to choose and accurately maintain five stages of optimized temperature with the push of a button. The Hydrology9 employs the use of LED lights to let you know what heat level you are set on. Get ready for an incredible spectacle of lights each time you go for a delicious draw.