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25 Summer-Inspired Post-Vape Activities

Summer doesn't technically begin until June 21st, but who says we can't start the party a little early? With so many great outdoor activities paired with beautiful, tropical weather, can you blame us for getting a head start?

We understand if you want to take some time off and enjoy your vacation and vape all day, and by all means, go for it! Just in case you get bored, we put together a list of super fun activities to do after that last vape sesh.

Grab your vape and see how many things you can check off on this list!

  • Go fish!
  • Watch a movie at the drive-in
  • Work on that garden of yours that needs watering
  • Go camping
  • Create a Summer mixtape (okay, CD)

 /></p><p><ul></p><p>	<li>Take a road trip - to the next town, next state, or across the country!</li></p><p>	<li>Hit the beach for some sun and build a sandcastle</li></p><p>	<li>Make a bonfire - don't forget the s'mores!</li></p><p>	<li>Get grillin' and have a <a href=BBQ in your backyard

  • Have your own Luau
  •  /></p><p><ul></p><p>	<li>Read a book in a hammock, and proceed to nap in it</li></p><p>	<li>Run after the ice cream truck</li></p><p>	<li>Plan your Father's Day gift at least a few days in advance this year ;)</li></p><p>	<li>Visit a nature center</li></p><p>	<li>Make <a href=homemade ice cream

     /></p><p><ul></p><p>	<li>Volunteer your extra time (if you have any!)</li></p><p>	<li>Escape the heat and go visit a new <a href=museum

  • Take your dog to the dog park - If you don't have one, borrow someone else's!
  • Throw a party - because, why not?
  • Go ride a bike or fly a kite
  • summer

    • Learn something new - a foreign language, hula-hooping, how to fly a helicopter
    • Catch fireflies (and then let them go!)
    • Stargaze on a clear night
    • Go to a music festival
    • Have an old fashioned water balloon fight

    And because we're in Florida, we'll be vaping inside. Go on. We'll just watch from here.

    What are your summer plans? Let us know in the comments!